Gather Yer Crew!! Shipwrecked Ticket Discount Code

Ahoy there, shipmates! Avast ye! It sounds like a grand time awaits at Te Arai for a jolly wee festival. And what's this? The Tin Lizzie crew will be there, ready to outfit ye in the finest festival wear!
For all ye eager festigoers, here's a special treat: Use the festi DISCOUNT CODE "vendormates2024" when ye sign up for your ticket and behold a discount of $40 to lighten the load on yer treasure chest. Arrr, that's a steal for the best festival in the land! And don’t forget to check out for the finest festival garb to make ye stand out among the sea of merrymakers.
So, me hearties, , set sail for Te Arai, and let the festivities begin! May the winds be at yer back and the grog flow freely! 🏴‍☠️⚓🎉
Festival wear and accessories: