Terms and Conditions

Tin Lizzie Studios New Zealand Festival Wear Website Terms and Conditions

Kia Ora and welcome to the Tin Lizzie Studios website – where fashion meets fun! Before you start twirling in your festival gear, take a moment to read our groovy Terms and Conditions. By shimmying through our website, you're telling us you're ready to dance to our terms. So, let’s turn up the music and get this party started!

  1. Acceptance of Terms - Boogie On: By grooving your way onto the Tin Lizzie Studios website, you're promising to keep the good vibes going and follow these terms. If you're not feeling the rhythm, it's cool – just hit pause and don't use our website.
  2. Privacy Policy - Secret Garden of Data: We promise to guard your info like it's a secret dance move. Check out our Privacy Policy to see how we keep your data as exclusive as the VIP section at a music festival.
  3. Intellectual Property - Funky Fresh Creations: All the cool stuff on our website is like our artistic masterpiece. Don't copy, remix, or spin off our content without our permission. Let’s keep the creativity flowing like a neon river at sunset.
  4. User Conduct - Dance Like Everyone’s Watching: Play nice and use our website for legal stuff. No crashing the party with bad vibes, and definitely no virtual stage diving.
  5. Product Information - Sparkle and Shine: Our product descriptions are like love letters to each festival piece. We try to keep them as accurate as possible, but hey, fashion is an art, not a science. Colors and sizes might dance a little differently in real life.
  6. Pricing and Payment - Cash, Card, or Dance Moves: Prices might change, but we promise not to break the bank. Your payments are as secure as a secret handshake, and we won’t be holding onto your credit card details – that’s just not our style.
  7. Shipping and Returns - Dress Rehearsal: Our Shipping and Returns Policy is like the dress rehearsal before the main event. Check it out to know the backstage details on shipping, delivery times, and our return and exchange process.
  8. Limitation of Liability - Laughter is the Best Medicine: We’re all about good vibes, but we can't be responsible for the blues. If anything goes awry, let’s try to solve it with a virtual high-five and a good laugh.
  9. Governing Law - Kiwi Vibes Only: These terms are all about that Kiwi spirit. Any legal dances will happen in the courts of New Zealand, under the starry Southern Hemisphere sky.
  10. Changes to Terms - Surprise DJ Set: We might change things up like a surprise DJ set. Keep an eye out for updates because this party is always evolving. Your continued dance moves mean you’re cool with the changes.

If you have questions or just want to share your favourite festival story, hit us up at tinli33ie@gmail.com

Now, let’s boogie and make this festival-wear fiesta unforgettable! Ngā mihi nui. The Tin Lizzie Studios Team🎉✨