Tin Lizzie Studios Festival Season 2023

It's been an epic season for Tin Lizzie Studios, and we're stoked to have been a part of it! We brought our A-game to every festival from the Amazing AUM to Shipwrecked and Soundsplash, Frankton Thunder through to WOMAD and the love of Earthbeat we hope you dug our vibe.
Our LED and sequin wear gear and were a hit again, and we loved seeing you checking out our latest designs. How was the Disco mirror ball helmet!?!! We hope you snagged some of our fresh pieces and that they'll keep you looking fly for days to come.
As we pack up our gear and hunker down, we're already brainstorming our next moves. We're all about creativity and quality, and we'll be bringing even more fire to the festival scene next year. So, whether you're a loyal customer or a new friend we met at the Tin Lizzie Studios stall, we hope you'll stay connected with us.
Thanks for making this season one to remember, and we'll catch you on the flip side!
Arohanui, Liz, Andy, Eddie and Becky - The Tin Lizzie Studios 2023 Crew